We’re Hiring in Nashville, TN!
We’re Hiring in Nashville, TN!

Key Points

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Have you heard? Optimal Beginnings LLC is hiring Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) for our Nashville, TN office. Read on for all the details and to apply.

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Company Description:

Optimal Beginnings, LLC, is an autism spectrum disorder consulting and treatment firm that provides support for children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder, and their families, using Applied Behavior Analysis methodologies. We provide Psychometric, Academic and Skill testing, Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis program development with one-on-one therapeutic intervention, Speech and Language Assessment, Occupational Therapy, Client Advocacy, IEP Development and Consulting, Social Skills Group, Family Support and Training, Educational Seminars/Workshops, Distance Program Management and ABA Supervision, and Support Groups are just a few examples of the interdisciplinary wrap-around scope of services offered for complete client care.  We believe that every person, at every age and level of ability, has the potential for growth. We believe that each individual is entitled to the same dignity, respect and opportunities as all other members of society. We are firmly committed to helping the people we serve to achieve their potential for independence, individuality, productivity and inclusion in their communities.

Purpose of the Position:

To provide supervision, staff training, some direct instruction and teachings to clients using individualized programs, curricula development, programming, parent training, program development, research and data management.

Title: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Lead Therapist (BCaBA or BCBA)

Department: Applied Behavior Analysis

Responsible to: Clinical Director

Location: Nashville/Clarksville/Murfreesboro, TN

Type: Full Time and/or Part Time

Compensation: Salary based on experience. If Full Time, 10 paid Vacation/Sick Days, 9 paid Holidays, 75% Employee coverage for Medical Insurance and mileage reimbursement between client sites

Supervisor: Clinical Director

  • Supervise ABA therapists using Teacher Performance Rate Accuracy Observations (TPRA)
  • Oversee ABA therapists – help train and implement the individual client programs
  • Provide a quarterly progress evaluation of the ABA therapists to BCBA-D (in your region)
  • Help disseminate information from management to therapists
  • Staff Training
  • Develop written protocol and procedural documentation to present at initial training series for new staff (work with other CD)
  • Develop Systematic Training program for new staff entering the program (work with other CD)
  • Provide progress reviews at least annually of new and existing staff and provide feedback as to areas in need of improvement
  • Measure Interobserver Agreement to ensure accuracy in data collection procedures
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings to present various issues and topics for discussions (work with CD)
  • Curricula Development
  • Review, edit and approve skill acquisition programs written by lead therapist for Optimal
  • Meet with other practitioners and professionals in the autism community to enhance
  • Pupil Programming
  • Review student programs (set up online)
  • Oversee Intake Process and provide clinical input regarding student applications for placement (in your region)
  • Review individualized Education Plans and provides Clinical Team with critical feedback for
  • development of student goals
  • Participate in and train Lead Therapists and review data to monitor progress
  • Assist staff in problem solving individualized skill acquisition programs when data indicates a change is required
  • Work with Clinical Team to develop reinforcement strategies and schedules
  • Conduct monthly clinics with staff and parents to review student programs and progress
  • Attend IEP and other relevant meetings with school districts that pertain to students
  • progress and programming
  • Parent Training
  • Present lectures and training sessions on specific topics regarding instructional and behavioral strategies to be used in the home
  • Supervise clinical team/classroom teacher home visits to establish environments conducive to learning and generalization of skills within the home and community
  • Program Development
  • Represent Optimal Beginnings at conferences through attendance, networking, and presentations (as needed)
  • Some direct Client ABA therapy hours to ensure program continuity
  • Conduct a needs assessment and create supplementary services in line with family needs
  • (ie. Sibling support groups, social skills groups, and family visiting days)
  • Maintain relationships with Human Rights Committees, consultants and other professionals
  • and utilize their services for trainings, presentations, and/or program evaluations
  • Provide recommendations for program evaluation and consultation
  • Develop transition plan for students as they exit the program
  • Research
  • Present current issues in ABA at monthly staff meetings and distribute pertinent journal articles to staff for their review
  • Conduct and develop empirically based research projects; Train and monitor personnel involved in research projects
  • Data Management
  • Ensure online data collection for each client (in assigned region) is maintained and well organized
  • Supervise and monitor daily client progress
  • Create behavior plans and maintain
  • Provide updated behavior plans and progress notes to business manager for Tricare
  • specific clients (if requested)

  • Must be a BCaBA or a BCBA
  • Must be able to work between the hours of 9 AM to 7 PM along with weekends (based on training needs or client needs)
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be willing to travel around the Middle Tennessee area, specifically Nashville, Clarksville, and Murfreesboro
  • Must be willing to sign a one-year contract

  • Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree Preferred
  • BCaBA or BCBA
  • Experience/training in applied behavior analysis and autism spectrum disorders preferred
  • Experience working with children on the autism spectrum beneficial
  • Experience working with typically developing children is useful
  • Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be flexible, creative, and demonstrate strong organizational skills Must be highly motivated and self-directed Must possess leadership qualities
  • Must be willing to sit on the floor with children and physically be able to lift children up if necessary
  • Must be energetic and love working with children

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to the Managing Clinical Director at arand@optimalbeginning.com .


Optimal Beginnings partners with families to provide evidence-based, innovative, and individualized treatment that incorporates the whole family. Our focus is on the functional skills an individual needs to develop socially significant behaviors to succeed in school and beyond.

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