FAQs – Your Questions Answered about Our Onboarding Process
FAQs – Your Questions Answered about Our Onboarding Process

Key Points

  • A list of our most common questions about our Onboarding Process.
  • We will always communicate costs with you.
  • We are your family, your advocates, and your partners!

In tandem with our blog on how our Onboarding Process works (check out the post HERE), we came up with a list of most-asked-about questions on how to receive services at Optimal Beginnings. Take a look below but if you have questions along the way, we encourage you to email or send us a message conversation to clarify any steps.


How long will it be before services can start?

It depends if you are added to the waitlist. It’s usually about six weeks for a typical process – from contacting us, to when your services start. Start time may vary depending on if you are added to the waitlist.


How much will my insurance cover? How much will it cost me?

We know the nuances of insurance can be hard to manage. That’s why we walk you through every step that requires information and verification from your insurance company. It is also why we don’t have a definite answer. That’s because each child is different and will require different services and sessions to accomplish our goals. 

Our Office Manager will have a 15 – 30-minute call with all parents around what they can expect, how nothing is guaranteed from the insurance company until it is paid, and solidifying what payment plan they will be on (autopay, weekly invoices, monthly invoices, deductible, etc.). We talk about types of benefits, and we understand your insurance system together.


How do you support parents while our child is having services?

We offer all our parents (and we strongly encourage you!) to participate in regular parent coaching sessions. Our suggestion is at least twice a month. We also give you access to your child’s Learning Tree where you can review your child’s program at any time. To ensure your child is accomplishing his or her goals, we also conduct formal assessments every six months. Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) are updated, and any new BIPs are sent to you at all times. At the six-month assessment, we review your child’s progress over the past months and goals, and we plan for goals for the next six months.


Overall, our job is to communicate with your family at all times and encourage you throughout the way. We are your advocates and your partners in this new journey!

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